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"My bowed legs were straightened!"

When I was a fifth grader, my desk mate in school hit my legs with firewood kept next to the stove just for fun because
  | Manmin News   No. 617 | HIT 24 2018-11-18
"I was healed of many diseases and typhoid!"

I was born in a Hindu family. As I grew up, I was always sick and could not do anything properly. I lived on many medica
  | Manmin News   No. 617 | HIT 27 2018-11-18
"I was allowed to join the Incheon United Youth Soccer Team!"

In August 2018, I was admitted to the Incheon United Youth Soccer Team that trains promising youth players in Incheon. I
  | Manmin News   No. 617 | HIT 25 2018-11-18
"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path!"

Although I attended many churches since early childhood, I did not have true knowledge of God. I just followed my father
  | Manmin News   No. 616 | HIT 53 2018-11-11
"My life was renewed after I met Manmin, and my mother was healed!"

After I accepted the Lord, my spiritual eyes opened and I had various spiritual experiences. But over a period of ten ye
  | Manmin News   No. 616 | HIT 58 2018-11-11
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