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"We Proclaim the Living God Who Gives Us Happiness!" _ Chinese Parish's Revival through Love and Service

Apart from 32 parishes for local people, Manmin Central Church has an Overseas Parish and a Chinese Parish for people wh
  | Manmin News   No. 617 | HIT 33 2018-11-18
"The Word of Life and Powerful Works Are Accessible to All People of the World!" _ The Church's Ministry through the Website, GCN (Global Christian Network), Books, and SNS (Social Network Services)

Regardless of the denominations and churches they belong to in the world, countless people have solved their life proble
  | Manmin News   No. 616 | HIT 115 2018-11-11
Interview_ "I give thanks for awakening Colombia with the word of life!"

Mr. Saul Rincon, Vice President of Enlace Colombia Enlace Colombia is broadcasting Dr. Jaerock Lee's se
  | Manmin News   No. 615 | HIT 102 2018-11-04
GCN Spreads the Ministry of Manmin in Christian Media Summit 2018 Held in Jerusalem, Israel

From October 14 to 17, Christian Media Summit 2018 was held in Jerusalem, Israel with 180 people from 35 countries in at
  | Manmin News   No. 615 | HIT 123 2018-11-04
"By Means of the Word of God and Prayer" _ Special Daniel Prayer Meeting and Bible Reading Campaign

Motivated by 1 Timothy 4:5 that says, "For it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer," Manmin Central Chur
  | Manmin News   No. 614 | HIT 150 2018-10-28
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