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2010 Estonia Crusade
2009 Israel Crusade
2006 New York Crusade
2006 Congo Crusade
2004 Peru Crusade
2004 Germany Crusade
2003 Russia Crusade
2002 India Crusade
2002 Honduras Crusade
2001 Philippines Crusade
2001 Kenya Crusade
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Mission Status
2010 Estonia
2009 Israel
2006 New York
2006 Congo
2004 Peru
2004 Germany
2003 Russia
2002 India
2002 Honduras
2001 Philippines
2001 Kenya
2000 Pakistan
2000 Nagoya, Japan
2000 Uganda
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MMTC Embarks on a Vision Trip to Russia and Estonia

Manmin Mission Training Center (Rev. Joong-won Lee, President) has conducted mission training in Russia and Estonia
| HIT 6586 2006-01-23
[13 th MMTC Vision Trip Report] Gospel of Sanctification and Works of God's Power Delivered to Russia and Estonia!

MMTC (Manmin Mission Training Center) conducted a mission training in Russia and Estonia from Friday, January 13, to
| HIT 7572 2006-02-05
[Special] Estonia, a Beautiful Country in the Northern Europe
Estonia, which is a state in the Baltic Region of the Northern Europe in the world map, does not sound familiar to Korea
| HIT 7697 2010-10-31
The Estonian Miracle Healing Crusade with Dr. Jaerock Lee 2010 Was Broadcast Live to 220 Nations
It is no exaggeration to say that currently in Europe there is no pulse of life in Christianity and its stagnation is ex
| HIT 9845 2010-11-14
[Special] Europe's Slumber in Gospel Stagnation Was Set Ablaze by The Fire of the Holy Spirit
As the gospel stagnated and an anti-Christianity trend increased in Europe, Dr. Jaerock Lee conducted the Estonian Mirac
| HIT 6916 2010-11-21
After the Estonia Crusade A Multitude of Testimonies of Healing and Blessing Are Flooding In
At the crusade, Speaker Dr. Jaerock Lee delivered the messages titled "God the Creator" and "Why Jesus Is our only Savio
| HIT 7859 2010-12-05
[News in Brief] The 2010 Estonia Miracle Healing Crusade Featured on a Taiwanese Christian Newspaper ...
The 2010 Estonia Miracle Healing Crusade with Dr. Jaerock Lee was featured on the Taiwanese Christian newspaper, The Kin
| HIT 7194 2011-01-02
The 2010 Estonia Miracle Healing Crusade Featured on The Joins Monthly
At the corner of religion and culture of the 2011 January issue of The Joins Monthly ( is featured
| HIT 6180 2011-01-09
Estonia Is Being Filled with Fiery Works of the Holy Spirit
I had attended many churches to find a church filled with the Holy Spirit, but none of the churches satisfied my need. I
| HIT 7117 2011-02-27
Russian and Estonian Pastors Paid a Visit to Manmin Central Church and Experienced its Ministry - This Church Was Much More Amazing Than Expected!
Foreign pastors paid a visit to Manmin Central Church at the beginning of the year in order to learn the keys to revivin
| HIT 7991 2011-02-27
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